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lower back

dead lift - stiffed legged | back raise | back extension

dead lift -
stiff legged

1. Remember to keep a straight back throughout this exercise.

2. It is best not to go over the 20kg weight with this movement due to it damaging your lower back.

3. If at any point you feel your back rounding and not able to support the weight, stop the move immediately.

4. Keep your legs slightly bent but stiff throughout the move until the bar reaches the upper thigh area then straighten your legs.

5. When you lift the barbell make sure it is done slowly and with high control.

6. Keep the head in a slightly raised position.

7. When bringing the barbell up make sure it is kept close to the legs on the way up. This will stop unnecessary stress on the lower back.

8. In the final part of the move make sure your shoulders are pulled back, this will decrease the possibility of injury.

9. Stop the move immediately if you cannot stop your shoulders rounding.

10. Lower the barbell in a slow and controlled manner and bend your knees but keep them stiff as soon as you descend.

11. Do not round your shoulders as you descend.

12. Look forward and keep your back straight.

dead lift stiff legged

dead lift stiff legged