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Beginners Routine for men and women

Set Info

week 1 - 4 males image: squat image: calf raise image: bench press image: dumbbell flye image:standing dumbbell extension image: bicep curl image: abdominal crunch
week 1 - 4 females image: lunge image: calf raise image: bench press image: dumbbell flye image: lying extension image: bicep curl image: abdominal crunch
Click on the picture and it will give you details on the specific move.
When training remember to start with at least three minutes of cardiovascular exercise. When the muscles have warmed do the stretches below or you could incorporate them into your routine. Following this do all the exercises and do them in order as you are working the larger muscle groups first. Train about 2- 3 times per week and start on low weights.

week 1 - 2 stretches

image: upper arm stretch

image: chest stretch

image: upper back stretch

image: side stretch

image: calf stretch

image: hip stretch
stretches continued

image: front thigh stretch

image: back thigh stretch

image: lower back stretch

image: inner thigh stretch

image: middle back stretch

All these moves are for both men and women.

How many reps?
Perform a warm up set of between 8 - 12 reps. Perform a second set to MMF (Momentary Muscular Failure). At the point of approximately 8 - 12 reps the muscle should fail to complete any more reps. Then move onto your next exercise.
How much weight?
If you cannot perform at least 8 reps of any exercise then the weights you are using are too heavy, so bring down the amount of weight you are using. If you can do more than 15 reps (20 for the legs) then the weights you have chosen are too light, so work up slowly to an appropriate weight.