muscle building and weight training routines

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Click the muscles on the image below or the
muscle name for specific muscle training.

muscle building muscle training diagram
a: Stemocleidomastoid
b: Trapezius
c: Deltoid
d: Pectoralis major
e: External intercostals
f: Biceps brachii
g: Obliquus extemus
h: Brachioradialis
i: Pronator teres
j: Extensor carpi radialis longus
k: Palmaris longus
l: Obliquus intemus
m: Tensor fasciae latae
n: Tibialis anterior
o: Peroneus longus
p: Quadriceps vastus medialis
q: Quadriceps vastus lateralis
r: Rectus fermoris
s: Sartorius
t: Gracilis
u: Adductor longus
v: Rectus abdominis
w: Flexor digitorum
x: Pectoralis minor
y: Latissimus dorsi
z: Supraspinatus


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