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Upper leg

rear leg - thigh adductor | dead lift - stiff legged

rear leg - thigh adductor

1. Adjust the seat, usually with a pin at the back or underneath the apparatus.

2. Make sure that your back is fully supported and you have brought the seat forward enough to hang your legs over the end.

3. Ensure that the leg rest and bar sit around your legs in an appropriate position. (See picture).

4. The bar should be behind the ankles. Position your ankles on it and then make sure that the padded bar comes down and holds your knees in place.

5. Start on a low weight and in a controlled manner make your ankles push down on the bar below them.

6. Bring the weight down till you are in position 2 (See picture).

7. Hold the position for the count of two. You should feel the pull in your Adductors/the back of the upper leg.

8. Slowly return the bar to its previous position and repeat.