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triceps extension

1. Lie back on a horizontal bench.

2. Make sure that both feet are planted firmly on the floor.

3. Use one dumbbell for the move.

4. Hold the dumbbell in the right hand.

5. When ready raise the right arm with the dumbbell gripped until your arm is in a right-angled position and the forearm is horizontal with the bench.

6. Raise your other arm up to the same position but use the forearm to support the elbow of the arm being worked (see picture).


7. Make sure your palm faces downwards when supporting the elbow.

8. Keep the arm in the same position except for the forearm.

9. When ready, extend the forearm until the arm is straight out in front of you, supported all the time.

10. Then return the arm to the angled position.

11. Repeat and then use the other arm.